No buzzwords,
no bu!!$#it.

At Sequel Labs, we harness advanced technologies into real go-to-market products to move your business forward.

We don’t sell buzzwords or tech for tech’s sake. And we do more than just help you problem-solve.

We opportunity-solve.

Intelligent solutions, accelerated impact

Our master technologists know machine learning, blockchain, AI, UI, RPA, you name it. But that’s not what it’s about for us. We craft elegant intelligence, impact intelligence… real intelligence that you don’t have to think about.

A unique hybrid of tech and design.

The digital arm of Sequel, we’ve got something unique going on: brand-savvy tech and tech-savvy branding, in a perfect multidisciplinary blend.

Our technologists are broadly and deeply experienced yet nimble, able to pivot on a dime as we build transformative tools for industry leaders and those who want to get there. And our seasoned collaborators at Sequel are expert in user experience strategy and design, product branding and taking a brand to market. Together, these integrated core capabilities will transform your idea into a game-changing product.

This makes us an agile, hybrid powerhouse — an exponential resource — able to punch way above our weight.

Our Clients

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Our Team

Joseph Kim

Managing Director

John Nishimoto

Principal & Executive Creative Director

Wendy Blattner


Brian Crooks

Digital Experience Director

Adrian Ghiuta

Automation Engineering Manager

Chris Smith

Web Engineering Manager

Michael Steinhofer

Production and Web Manager

Johanna Kilbride

Senior Product Manager

Dan Kelly

Technical Project Manager

Stephen Starbuck

Content Strategist